Pursuit Femmes is a concept created by and for women, where you can put together your unique suit, blazer or trouser. Together with you we create looks you can rely on, completely tailored to your needs. We are there when you need to shine at the important moments in your life.

By helping you to choose your outfit, we ensure that your unique look fully reflects your talents. We believe you can inspire others to use their talents to the fullest, with the necessary confidence and support of other women around you.

By investing in a unique piece, you are also contributing to greater awareness and sustainability of fashion. We only make your suit when all decisions have been made and are fixed, so we don’t produce overstock.

The manufacturing of our suits is done in our Atelier in Morocco, where we as a family have been since 1972. Here 90% women work who know the craft by heart. In this way we can proudly say that we are truly a company by women for women.