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PURSUIT Femmes is founded in early February 2021 by three entrepreneurial women. Angélique, Joy and Jill share a passion in women empowerment as well as a close family bond.

Joy van der Heijden is 26 years old and the oldest of the two daughters. Joy received her degree in applied economics at the end of 2020 and is fully ready to set up her first business. How great is it she was able to do this with her mother and sister?

Jill van der Heijden is 24 years old and the youngest of two daughters. School of life has given her the most creative insights in recent years. With that, she already founded her own label JILL ANTWERP at the beginning of 2020. Every time Jill knows how to take Pursuit Femmes to the next level creative wise.

Angélique van Gils, 51, is not only a fantastic mother, but she is also a long-time entrepreneur at heart. She is, among other things, co-founder of Café Costume. Angélique wants to empower women with a beautiful suit or blazer, and she prefers to do that with her two daughters by her side.

“Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day.”

angélique van gils

joy van der heijden

jill van der heijden

Mission & vision

PURSUIT Femmes is a sustainable fashion brand born out of a need for women’s suits and blazers. We strongly believe in the power and emancipation of women and hope we can inspire worldwide.

We create unique pieces, designed by you. We create unique pieces, designed by you. We do this together during an appointment, where we listen to what you are looking for and together choose which fabric or style suits you the best. After a few weeks, you are already wearing your unique creation that you can combine in as many ways as possible.

At the same time, PURSUIT Femmes also has an edgy rock side, with which we offer the JILL ANTWERP blazers. = From men’s samples that hung lonely in the attic for an eventual buyer, Jill came up with an original way to give the blazers a new life. She chooses the samples and with a new fabric she reworks the back panel.

Our goal? To take all your concerns away when you need to shine. Whether it’s for a performance, a presentation, a dinner, a party, … whatever. We give you the extra push needed to get the job done.