Way of working

I. Make an appointment via calendly or email us.

A first appointment takes about 1,5 hours so we have enough time to choose the right fabric and measure you. During this appointment you have the choice between a tailor-made suit, a blazer, pair of trousers, skirt, blouse or blazerdress.

Our tailored suits start from 550 euros, the blazer from 350 euros and a pair of trousers from 175 euros.


II. We take your measurements.

During the first appointment we take your measurements and let you try on the different models.

At Pursuit Femmes a lot is possible, if you prefer an oversized suit or even a cropped blazer, we can certainly discuss the possibilities.


III. Choose the fabric and options.

We are going to create a blazer and trouser in the fabric/color that works best for you with the matching options: with or without pockets, length of the jacket, width of the pants, initials, buttons and even a unique lining. It is all about the details! 


IV. Your suit is ready!*

*After about 4-5 weeks and if you choose a special fabric that we have to order it will be around 7 weeks.

When your suit is ready, we will invite you to try it on in our shop. If we need to make a final adjustment, this will be done within a few days. We also make sure your final look is complete by giving you the necessary tips & tricks.